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Ranked 10th among the top startup hubs worldwide, Singapore is a hot destination for business, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

One major advantage of relocating or setting up your business in Singapore is its convenient location. Singapore is situated in the heart of South East Asia,making it possible for your business to access a market of 2.8 billion people within a few hours’flight. Singapore’s port is one of the busiest in the world and the country is classified as a premier International Maritime Centre. Singapore’s Changi Airport serves over 15 million passengers annually. The airport’s emphasis on competitiveness, efficiency and service has helped make it the‘Best Airport in the World’,according to the SkyTrax World Airport Awards, for 20 consecutive years. A hub in the Asia Pacific region, Singapore’s Changi Airport provides businesses with easy access to all major Asian markets.Singapore is also known for its pro-business environment, capable of attracting sizable foreign investments and business entrepreneurs. In Singapore, you can easily turn your ideas into businesses, and achieve significant profits. In stark contrast to many Western nations, it only takes one to two days to incorporate a company in Singapore, with the government providing assistance along the way. Simply stated, Singapore is the easiest place in the world to set up and manage a business.The country also succeeded in creating a multicultural society, with a remarkable tolerance for racial and religious differences. There are many cultural groups such as Singaporean,Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and other. With proactive and liberal immigration policies to attract foreign talent from around the world, a large group of expats now lives in Singapore and consistently rates the city-state as the best place to work, live and play in Asia. Given Singapore’s desire to expand its links in global trade, this multi-ethnic character of the country is here to stay.


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