Our first Go Global mission of 2021 was filled with advice, tips, and tools to take your startup to France!

We hope you enjoyed your virtual stay in Lille. 

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Paris Region is France's leading economic region with the highest GDP in the EU 28 in value: 30.9% of the French GDP and 4.6% of the European Union's GDP. Moreover, it is a globally connected region with one of Europe's and world’s foremost business hubs.

Twenty-nine of the world’s 500 largest companies listed in the Fortune Global 500 have their headquarters in the Paris region, ranking it third in the world, after Beijing and Tokyo, and number one in Europe.

Standing at the crossroads of the European and worldwide trade, Paris is striving to be at the forefront in new technologies and innovation. For instance, in an interview in 2015, former Cisco CEO John Chambers said, “France is Europe’s leader when it comes to entrepreneurship and startups.”

Indeed, for the last years, the Parisian startup ecosystem is rapidly developing. No surprise, it is attracting global talent by setting up fertile ground for entrepreneurs. The Paris metropolitan area is home to 12,000 startups, including 4,000 within Paris itself, more than in London or Berlin.

Moreover, it is home to a total of nearly 100 business incubators, including Le Cargo, Europe’s biggest incubator. In January 2017, Halle Freyssinet - the world’s biggest startup campus counting for 34 000 sq meters will open its doors to accommodate up to 1,000 French and foreign tech entrepreneurs.

With all that in mind, Paris is a best-value destination for Belgian startups striving to reach global targets.

As part  of  the schedule,  the  Belgian startups  will attend We Are Innovation & L'Atelier. At L’Atelier, the Innovation Knowledge Center of BNP Paribas, startups will dive into the future trends of Data Analytics and E-commerce.

A visit to BPI-HUB will mainly result in connecting startups with corporates, while visiting France Digitale and The Family, one of the most influential acceleration programs in Europe, will enrich startups with new knowledge with regard to different acceleration opportunities.

Some fun activities are also foreseen, like dinner with Menu Next Door Paris. In fact, startups will have the opportunity to learn from Tanguy Goretti, who is managing Menu Next Door in Paris and will share his vision of a company’s expending in Paris, giving his pro’s and con’s.Startups will also participate in the pitching contest of the “Pitch Don't KillMy Vibe” night organized by The Family.


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