Our first Go Global mission of 2021 was filled with advice, tips, and tools to take your startup to France!

We hope you enjoyed your virtual stay in Lille. 

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Go Global London








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The London startup scene is the biggest in Europe and it’s growing faster than any ecosystem in the US. London is the most diversified start-up ecosystem in the world. It has an exceptional market reach and you can meet the most affluent clients and investors there. London has historically been one of the main cultural and business hubs of the world. This makes it an exceptional place for a start-up at any stage of development.

“Not the biggest, but growing fast”

  • Ecosystem is ranked 6th in the world
  • Number of active tech start-ups grew with 68%
  • London is ranked 3rd in market reach

Main advantages:

  • High concentration of capital
  • People from all over the world
  • Vibrant community
  • Diverse talent pool


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