Our first Go Global mission of 2021 was filled with advice, tips, and tools to take your startup to France!

We hope you enjoyed your virtual stay in Lille. 

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Go Global Berlin 2016









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Berlin is considered as one of the three most important hubs in Europe (with Paris and London). The German capital (also called Silicon Alley) has been able to attract talents from all around Europe and this is certainly due to its position at the limit between Eastern Europe (where a lot of talented developers come from) and Western Europe. In addition of that, the atmosphere and culture of the city combines with its “cheapness” in comparison with other hubs make Berlin one of the most attractive cities regarding startups in Europe.

During 3 days, we’ll explore what Berlin has to offer: from cutting-edge incubators to big corporations working with startups, as well as key legal aspects to start up there. We’ll also meet and mingle with exceptional Belgian and German startups that are active in this city and can give you valuable insights.


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